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Godfreys chicken Mac and cheese and greens

JXN’s Ticket to the Caribbean: Godfrey’s

If you have never had a craving for Caribbean food before, you soon will after learning about Godfrey’s Caribbean Restaurant in JXN.

Calling the city home since March of 2019, Godfrey Morgan’s restaurant is a local treasure, now located in Colonial Mart off Old Canton Road.

Godfrey’s is a fusion of Caribbean, Asian and soul-American flavors to satisfy every palate, serving up everything from authentic Jamaican jerk chicken to a feast-worthy seafood pot bigger than your head.

The genuine qualities of this restaurant come from the head chef, owner and namesake, Godfrey Morgan. Jamaican born and raised, Godfrey found himself in Jackson after realizing the area was in desperate need of something different.

“Godfrey has combined his travels and experiences of working on cruise ships, casinos, restaurants and other foodservice venues into a catering company and restaurant,” according to Amanda Caver of Godfrey’s.

Chef Godfrey Morgan. Image: Ben Hon

The menu boasts many traditional Caribbean dishes, including the most popular item, oxtails and Caribbean rice and beans. Not only does this dish keep customers coming back for more, but it flies off the line, selling out well before closing every day. Godfrey’s favorite dish is the curry chicken, which is marinated in imported curry powder and Caribbean spices and then slow-roasted until tender.

Godfrey’s also features catering services.

“We were originally known for our catering services,” Caver explained. “We utilize props, paintings, backdrops and fabrics of multiple textures to transform the room. We don’t just serve neatly displayed food; we provide an experience. We cater events year-round, including holidays, for up to 4,000 people.”

So, what’s ahead for Godfrey’s?

“The future of Godfrey’s is very bright,” Caver said with confidence. “We are working to become an international brand and have restaurants located in other states and countries.”

Godfrey’s Caribbean Restaurant is now located in Colonial Mart off Old Canton Road and open Wednesday through Saturday.

For questions or catering needs, call 601-398-3602.



  • Caribbean
  • Southern/Soul



  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Alcohol Served
  • Black-owned
  • Takeout


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