A Fantastic Foodie's Meal-by-Meal Guide to JXN MS

Some take trips to see the mountains. Others prefer a quiet museum or a walk along the beach. But a certain subset of savvy travelers prefers a wholly indulgent excursion based on one thing and one thing only—food.

The Dutch Baby at Elvie's. Image: Cody McCain

For these intrepid wanderers, the stomach is a compass. The palate aims to a culinary magnetic north which is located, as it turns out, in the Deep South. Jackson’s modern-day restaurant renaissance invites all gourmands, connoisseurs, bloggers, vloggers, and even everyday folks who just love great meals.


Ah, the foundation of the day! The so-called “most important meal.” Breakfast in Jackson offers truer treats and classier classics to satisfy breakfast doubters and devotees alike.

Urban Foxes is a locally owned small-batch bakery featuring daily flavors for pies, cookies, and scones alongside every kind of coffee imaginable (plus kombucha and even beer).

For more filling fare, Elvie’s Restaurant is a pared-down, New Orleans-inspired brunch spot specializing in the savory with items ranging from duck fat hashbrowns and croque madame to brunch bread pudding and raw oysters. Eating at Elvie’s is a like taking a grand tour of Southern cuisine from a single seat.


Lunch is a special meal, the workday dividing delight of 9-to-5ers everywhere. Even in the age of “work from home,” lunch maintains its special place in our hearts.

A Friday blue plate – catfish at Hal & Mal’s

Hal’s and Mal’s is a favorite local hangout with Gulf Coast vibes reflected in signature po boy sandwiches, gumbo, and catfish options. Locally famous for its easy ambience, friendly regulars, and funky tunes, Hal’s and Mal’s feels as familiar as your own weekly lunch spot.

As a family-run diner, Sugar’s Place Downtown prides itself on satisfying diners to the utmost limit. Ask any Jacksonian and prepare for a dissertation about the truly cherished menu and staff. The Loaded Momma Burger comes with a hand-pressed patty and a Kool-Aid to drink while the catfish and shrimp po boys serve up perfect crunch on a pillow-soft bun. Daily specials include chopped steak and gravy among so much more!

For those in the market for something else, try Stamp’s Super Burgers, Crazy Cat Eat Up, Godfrey’s, and Aplós.


Even after big meals, a discreet (and shameless) snack or two can make us feel like champions! Try these top snack spots for a between meal treat.

Practice your best French-language pronunciations and head to the patisserie at La Brioche for an exotic sweet that memories are made of. Ornate tarts, gorgeous cheesecakes, colorful macarons, and flaky pastries with the perfect cup of coffee accompanying—whatever you choose from La Brioche, you’ll want a picture of it before scarfing it down.

Chocolate croissants at La Brioche

Nandy’s Candy is that certain kind of dangerous sweet shop where—if you’re anything less than careful—you may wind up buying “one of everything.” Sporting delights from pralines to truffles, candy apples to fudge, caramel popcorn to English toffee, the kid in you will come alive at Nandy’s Candy.

You won’t want to miss a specialty latte, cold brew espresso, or cup of tea from Coffee Prose either. Try one of their new pops off the dairy or non-dairy menu with flavors spanning the spectrum!


The last meal of the day is all about taking chances, reaching for something new in the hopes of discovering the unexpected and sensational.

Fine & Dandy

Fine & Dandy, a playful modern diner in the courtyard of The District at Eastover, exhibits some of the most striking restaurant design in the city, from stenciled wallpaper featuring local landmarks to colorful milkshakes just begging to be put on social media to intentionally mismatched china that looks like it was inherited from a hundred different grandmothers. The food that goes on those plates is another subject of extreme focus, with re-invented versions of classic comfort food dragged creatively into this century (the restaurant closed in February 2022 with plans to return in a new location on 2023).

If you’re in the mood for BBQ, head to the neighborhood heroes at The Pig & Pint. This shack-style picnic-table-appointed downhome pork joint puts smiles on faces with its famous Fondren fries before the BBQ even begins. Throw in brisket nachos, smoked wings, pork/chicken/brisket sandwich, and some favorite Southern sides for the full experience.

Curious eaters may also enjoy Johnny T’s, the Iron Horse Grill, Drago’s, and The Mayflower for that final meal of the day.


Finally, after the last bite is had, some libations are certainly in order.

The Apothecary at Brent’s Drugs is bound to be unlike any other cocktail bar you’ve been to. Styled in keeping with its pharmaceutical location, this speakeasy is located in the back of Brent’s Drugs—an obvious nod to those troubled times in our nation’s past when alcohol was less than legal.

Offering period cocktails with contemporary artistry, The Apothecary crafts classics like the Manhattan, Pimm’s cup, Negroni, and (accordingly) the Old Fashioned.

The Library Lounge

You’ll find other singular sipping opportunities at The Library Lounge located in the Fairview Inn—a booklined barroom slinging serious drinks—and Cultivation Food Hall. Cultivation stays up late offering great food and drinks from unique vendors under one roof.

Wine, Dine, Unwind in Jackson

Foodies rejoice! All you need to enjoy Jackson like a proper connoisseur is an adjustable belt, a taste for adventure, and a truly serious appetite.

Travel and eat safely in Jackson with a variety of dining options and the utmost dedication to public health and safety. When you’re ready, the City With Soul is ready to welcome you and keep you safe.

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