JXN Neighborhoods

Historian Carroll Quigley once said, “A community is made up of intimate relationships among diversified types of individuals—a kinship group, a local group, a neighborhood, a village, a large family.”

Here in Jackson, it won’t take you long to discover that our people are all of those things rolled into one. Jacksonians are what give the city life. They are our soul. While here, you’ll want to meet them where they are, in the many vibrant neighborhoods that give Jackson a thriving, beating heartbeat.



Downtown is where government buildings, museums, and historic architecture collide in the heart of the capital city, resulting in a growing residential and public art scene.


The Belhaven Historic District offers nothing short of charm with its tree-lined streets, 1900s-era craftsmen homes, and unique businesses.

Belhaven Heights

On one of the highest hills in Jackson, you'll find Belhaven Heights, an older and more official neighborhood than "Belhaven" itself.


Midtown is a diverse, up-and-coming neighborhood located just north of downtown Jackson, adjacent to Millsaps College and Baptist Hospital and two blocks from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.


The Fondren Historic District has been known as one of Jackson's cultural centers since the 1920s, with spaces to enjoy music, food, the arts, and everything in between.

North Jxn

In North Jackson’s shopping district, you can find tried-and-true retail staples on the city's furthest northern reaches - and Civil Rights history at Tougaloo College.

LeFleur East

Named after explorer Louis LeFleur, LeFleur East is located where the city of Jackson originated.

West Jxn

Steeped in history and culture, West Jackson is experiencing renewed interest thanks to places like Jackson State University.

South Jxn

South Jackson has several hidden culinary gems and historical sites in the capital city, including Buddy Butts Park, a nature and hiking park with well-maintained, well-marked trails for hikers and mountain bikers.