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In Jackson, there is something for everyone. From our vast culinary offerings to our rich architecture, arts and history, your Jackson experience will excite your senses!

"The food has depth and soul and delicious contemporary twists!" Caroline Makepeace,


Our staff can suggest restaurants, provide handouts on local tours and attractions and help you take home City With Soul merchandise! Find us at 308 East Pearl Street in the Electric Building.

"One of the things I love about Jackson is the city's ability to make me feel tiny. Whether that's through the big buildings, the incredible humility of the people, or the giant portions of food, few places in the world make me feel this way." Anshula Varma, Travel blogger - Passport to Eden

Local Itineraries

Take a look at themed itineraries that will help you better plan you time in the City With Soul.

This is the kind of place where a polite smile or wave doesn't always cut it and where the rare traffic jam is usually caused by someone stopping in the middle of the street to catch up with a friend. - TARA MASSOULEH, Southern Living

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There are so many ways to get to Jackson.