Premier Sausage House LLC

3794 Forest Hill Road
Jackson, Mississippi 39212

A Local Meat Lover’s Stop: Premier Sausage House

In Jackson, we have a taste of all things barbecue: from your garden variety of hyper-local spots and popular convenience store locations to our award-winning barbecue restaurants. Then there’s Premier Sausage House.

Located in South Jackson, Premier Sausage House is nestled in a neighborhood community near the intersection of McClure Road and Forest Hill Road.

The first time I visited Premier Sausage House, I was impressed with the display of vintage items reminiscent of the Old Town Store at the Mississippi Agriculture Museum. On the other side of the restaurant, there’s a pool table for guests to play at their leisure.

The folks at Premier Sausage House are known for their old fashioned burgers and the vintage display is the perfect nod to the times. The menu is extensive, with items varying from fried fish plates to barbecue and blue plate specials. I decided to try a little bit of everything during my most recent visit – with the focus of my review being their smoked sausage.

As the name suggests, this restaurant prides itself on its ability to make their sausage in-house. I ordered an old fashion cheeseburger, a loaded link sausage sandwich, a pan trout sandwich and a half slab of ribs. While this may sound like an ultimate foodie challenge, I want to be clear that I sampled and shared these dishes with my family. The check came in at $26, which was extremely affordable to feed a party of five.

While I waited on my order I enjoyed a game of pool and had a chance to further study the menu. The specialty burgers really caught my eye and I know I will return soon to try some of them. Reading like an ultimate taste challenge, there’s the pancake burger, cheezy cheese toast burger, jalapeno pineapple burger and even a peanut butter and jelly burger!

Before I get carried away about the specialty burgers, I want to cover what I had a chance to try this visit. The loaded link sausage comes with a foot-long house-made sausage link on a bun with cheddar cheese, topped with coleslaw, bell peppers, onion and barbecue sauce. I wanted mine all the way, with no modifications.

With the first bite, the sausage fell apart in my mouth, wrapped in all of the toppings for a smokey, sweet, and savory bite each time thereafter. My only criticism is the consistency of the sausage. Let me share candidly that I am not gifted with the skill of sausage-making, but I’ve eaten my fair share to develop a couple of palate preferences. I understand there is a magic ratio of fat to lean. In layman’s terms – the more fat, the more flavor and the better the binding. The sausage was slightly too lean and crumbly for my preference, without a compromise of the flavor – surprisingly. For $5, this could easily be a meal one would find quite filling and affordable.

Although Premier Sausage House isn’t located along my usual commutes, I plan to visit them again soon for one of those specialty burgers.

Visit Premier Sausage House at 3794 Forest Hill Road or find them on Facebook.

Carlyn Hicks

Carlyn Hicks, founder of Jackson Foodies, lover of all things culinary, pro-Jackson advocate. All opinions expressed in this post are the opinions of the writer and not necessarily those of Visit Jackson.



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