Marshall's Music and Book Store

Nation’s Oldest Operating Black-Owned Bookstore

618 North Farish Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39202

The Christian bookstore at 618 North Farish Street opened in the 1940’s in the historic Farish Street District in Jackson. It is believed to be the nation’s oldest operating bookstore owned by a Black person.

Maati Jone Primm is the third-generation owner and operator of the bookstore, which is named after her grandmother. She says they’ve operated on Farish Street for their entire 80-year history.

The decor in the historic Louise Marshall’s is rustic and informal. Dozens of computer printed and photocopied images adorn the walls with handwritten captions. The photos are of Pan African pioneers, civil rights activists and black entertainers. Many of them are from Mississippi.

Primm says they’re able to stay open because they are considered a destination location and many of their customers have shopped with them for decades.

The shop offers Christian books, sheet music and custom choir robes. Call 601-982-7112.



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