Little Tokyo Sushi and Hibachi

Area Favorite Sushi and Hibachi + Bar

3009 North State Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39216


Little Tokyo Sushi and Hibachi

3009 North State Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39216


Like its longtime sister location on County Line Road (voted best sushi 10 years in a row), Little Tokyo Sushi & Hibachi has an extensive menu of both classic Japanese fare such as ubon and soba noodles, donburi, teppan yaki, and lunchtime bento boxes and an impressive 75-item sushi list.

“They don’t have a [restaurant specializing in sushi] in this area… it’s a pretty good opportunity for me to open an Asian restaurant in Fondren,” said owner Steven Huang. “It’s a perfect location because they’ve got a lot of history.”

Nigiri sushi choices include abalone, crab, mackerel, salmon, sea urchin, scallop, and octopus. Classic rolls include asparagus, avocado, California, BBQ Yellowtail, eel, salmon, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and snow crab. Or indulge in a “special” roll such as the bagel roll, amazing, BBQ salmon dynamite, caterpillar, Jackson, M&M roll, mango roll, Mississippi, Samurai, shrimp kodiak, three bean or volcano.

Appetizers include peppercorn tuna, mixed tempura shrimp and vegetables, batter fried tempura shrimp (veggies or chicken), mino age, eda mame, calamari, almond shrimp, lettuce wraps, and gyoza (steamed or fried). Also try the seaweed salad and the squid salad.

For lunch, there are bento boxes (teriyaki chicken, beef or shrimp), gyoza dumplings, California roll or tempura, served with rice and choice of soup or salad. Or try a teppan yaki lunch special served with soup or salad, vegetables and steamed or fried rice.

Dinner entrees include teriyaki filet mignon (or chicken, salmon or beef); fried shrimp dinner; sukiyaki (beef or seafood); tempura (chicken, shrimp, seafood or vegetable); beef negima (or chicken); spicy tekka don, spicy salmon don, katsu don, or seafood ten don; udon, ramen and soba noodles; teppan yaki chicken (or steak, filet mignon, vegetable, shrimp, calamari, tuna, salmon, scallops).

Hibachi dinner choices are calamari, chicken, filet & lobster, NY Strip steak, salmon, shrimp, tuna, scallops, Seafood Lover (shrimp, scallops, lobster), and vegetables. As always, hibachi dinners are served with steamed or fried rice, grilled veggies and yummy sauce.

To complement your meal, you can also order a cocktail or a Kirin Ichiban (Japanese beer). Desserts include bananas tempura, vanilla, green tea, red bean or chocolate ice cream (or tempura ice cream), mochi ice cream, or “Divine Cake,” a semi-sweet rich chocolate cake with a creamy center.

Open for dine-in or takeout Monday-Friday and Sunday from 11 AM - 2 PM for lunch. Open Monday-Thursday from 5-9:30 PM for dinner and Friday and Saturday from 5-10:30 PM.



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