Laurel Street Park

Playground + Playing Field

1841 Laurel Street
Jackson, Mississippi

Laurel Street Park serves as one of the most popular spots for neighborhood children and their parents.

The park features a playground, picnic pavilion, and large green space, often used for pickup soccer or softball competitions. Ideal for outdoor events, picnics, ultimate Frisbee.

Renovated in 2000, though an ongoing partnership between the neighborhood and the City of Jackson, the park is supported by Friends of Laurel Street Park, a committee of Greater Belhaven Neighborhood Foundation.

Laurel Street Park Pavilion
The pavilion at Laurel Street Park is a wonderful amenity that many enjoy for parties and gatherings. Currently an informal system is used to reserve the pavilion. Simply print a page with the date and hours you wish to have your event and post it with tape in a visible location in the pavilion such as on a post.



  • Art
  • Family Friendly
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground