Keep Jackson Beautiful

510 George Street, Suite #402
Jackson, Mississippi 39202

Keep Jackson Beautiful two men collecting trash

Keep Jackson Beautiful (KJB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in January 1964, by civic and business leaders as a grassroot - citizen based- volunteer group. KJB is dedicated to litter cleanup, litter prevention, education and outreach, and beautification of the state’s capital city, Jackson.

​KJB is a local affiliate of Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB), and on April 5, 1984, KJB became a certified affiliate of the leading national non-profit organization, Keep America Beautiful (KAB). KJB is one of the state’s oldest affiliates and has the largest constituent base. KJB actively solicits help from community partners and volunteers to accomplish its mission.

​KJB’s success lies in the collaboration between citizens, businesses, schools, city, state and county officials, and civic leaders all working together. KJB has been recognized locally and nationally through such awards as the Circle of Excellence and President's Circle just to name a few.

​KJB funds projects through grants, membership dues, sponsorships, in-kind services and leveraging local support. Entergy, Niagara, the City of Jackson, Keep MS Beautiful, Replenysh, Mississippi Beverage Association, and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality are among KJB’s biggest supporters.