Dr. A. H. McCoy Federal Building

First Fed Building Named for an African-American

100 W. Capitol Street
Jackson, Mississippi

The Dr. A. H. McCoy Federal Building is one of the few federal buildings named for an African American.

It is built on a portion of the site where Dr. McCoy's offices were located. Dr. McCoy had a variety of business interests. He is noted for co-founding Security Life Insurance Company in 1938, one of the few Black-owned insurance companies in the US at that time.

Many Jacksonians associate the name of Dr. A. H. McCoy (1903-1970) with the federal building. It was indeed named for Dr. McCoy in 1984, making the structure the first federal building in the country to be named for an African American. His remarkable life and accomplishments prompted a local grassroots movement to name the building after him.

McCoy was born in Jackson where his parents operated a large dairy farm near present day County Line road. He attended Tougaloo College and Meharry Medical College in Nashville. In 1930, McCoy returned to Jackson and started a dentistry practice. It was located near the corner of Farish and Capitol Street, on part of the present day site of the federal building. In addition to his successful dentistry practice, McCoy co-founded the Security Life Insurance Company in 1938, two movie theaters, and helped develop the Farish Street business district. McCoy was also active in the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP.

Source: MDAH

A black and white photo of a Black male wearing glasses.
Dr. A.H. McCoy
Credit: MDAH



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