Ballet Magnificat!

5406 I-55 North
Jackson, Mississippi

Ballet Magnificat dancers

Ballet Magnificat!, an arts organization dedicated to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world, was founded in 1986 by Keith and Kathy Thibodeaux.

Kathy Thibodeaux was born in Memphis, TN, but trained and has lived in Jackson, MS, most of her life. She went on to become one of the first contracted dancers for the Jackson Ballet Company (Ballet Mississippi) under the direction of Thalia Mara, dancing as principal until 1986. Keith Thibodeaux is the former child entertainer best known as “Little Ricky” on the I Love Lucy television series and Johnny Paul Jason on The Andy Griffith Show. He was a drummer for the rock band David and the Giants which later became a groundbreaking Christian rock band, with Keith becoming a Christian in 1974. Keith and Kathy married in October 1976, and together live out the mission that God put before them.

In 1985, a prophetic word was given to Keith and Kathy. They did not understand everything that was said at the time, but they did take it seriously and trusted God to direct them and to unfold His perfect plan for their lives. The prophecy said that their lives would be changing course, and that they would begin to see greater days and greater ways to use their testimonies for Him. The prophecy noted that God had set them apart for a special purpose, not only individually but as a team, and predicted that God would use Kathy as a pioneer in the arts to bring glory to Jesus. Another part of the prophecy was directed at Keith and said that he would have his past come to the forefront and that he should use that door of influence to have further opportunities for ministry. The beginning of the prophecy began to take shape in 1986.