3 Spots for NOLA Comfort Food in Jxn

Jackson has countless hot spots for Southern delicacies, several of which include the popular “rice-meat-sauce” plates, dubbed as “New Orleans comfort food.”

Just like it sounds, these dishes are served on a bed of rice, Cajun or Creole-style meat on top, and drenched in a flavor-packed creamy sauce, often with veggies to bulk it all up.

For those looking for a meal that fits this description, your best bet is to stop in at any of these three spots.

1693 Redzone Grill – 1693 Beasley Road, inside Quest Fitness

Noted as a New Orleans-style restaurant with Italian, French and even Jamaican influences, 1693 Redzone Grill offers various rice-meat-sauce dishes, typically including daily specials that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Among the most popular options is Shrimp Mountain, a plate piled high with Cajun rice, grilled or fried Gulf shrimp and crawfish sauce. Another option is the honey shrimp or chicken special: your choice of meat laid on a bed of Cajun rice and topped with grilled broccoli.

Redzone also has rotating daily specials listed as grilled or fried fish with Cajun rice special. Just like the name says, choose a grilled or fried fish filet to top with the crawfish sauce, all on a base of Cajun rice.

For more information, visit 1693 Redzone Grill’s Facebook page at facebook.com/1693RedZoneGrill.

Dewayne Delicious Eats – 2815 John R. Lynch Street

With a menu that boasts several different dishes, including ribeye, seafood, pasta and more, Dewayne Delicious Eats is a perfect stop for anyone looking for a quick bite of comfort food.

Whereas the other restaurants mentioned include in the “rice” part of the rice-meat-sauce plates, Dewayne’s specializes in spicing it up with a pasta base instead. The pasta dishes range from classic chicken alfredo to crawfish pasta with veggies. Each plate has a mouthwatering amount of their homemade alfredo or Bechamel sauce. Substitute the pasta for rice if you want to fulfill your craving for a rice-meat-sauce dish.

As well as their pasta dishes, Dewayne’s offers loaded fried rice, hibachi meat with fried rice and dirty seafood rice for all the rice lovers out there. The restaurant also has classic and seafood jambalaya that you can pair with their locally loved wings.

Visit dewaynedeliciouseats.com to order online for carryout or delivery.


Zoe’s Restaurant – 5350 North State Street

Zoe’s Restaurant is a local favorite when it comes to classic Creole and Cajun dishes.

Owner Lorenzo “Zoe” Boston has his Cajun-Creole sauce that customers love.

If you’re looking for a rice-meat-sauce plate that’s big enough to share with a friend, the Cajun rice is a great option. Atop a heaping helping of rice, Cajun-spiced shrimp, chicken or steak gets topped with Zoe’s famous sauce and a side of steamed broccoli. If you’re feeling extra hungry, you can order this dish with two or even all three meat options.

Zoe’s also offers seafood Cajun rice, which features fresh grilled Gulf shrimp, crawfish and andouille sausage finished with the creamy Cajun-Creole sauce.

To learn more and peruse the full menu, visit zoesjaxin.com.

Rebecca Fending


Rebecca Fending