Visit Jackson Realigns Organization

October 16, 2023

Visit Jackson staff composite image of 15 people
From top left: Yolanda, Clay-Moore, Michael Hogg, Reshonda Perryman, Jonathan Pettus, Sherri Ratliff, Shana Smith, Laura Vogelsang, Paul Wolf, Christine Blackmon, Jennifer Chance, Amy Dillard, Shun Hatten, Kim Lewis, Floyd Williams, Jr. and Rickey Thigpen

Visit Jackson, the official Destination Leadership Organization (DLO) for Jackson, Mississippi, along with its Board of Directors, announces a realignment of its structure and operations. The realignment is designed to strengthen the organization's workplace culture, foster collaboration and innovation, and drive excellence in destination marketing.

The realignment will be strategically implemented in fiscal year 2023-2024, which began October 1, 2023.

The talent attraction strategy utilized by Visit Jackson has allowed the organization to pivot from outsourcing many needed services to bringing them in-house, more responsibly, and reliably using the team's talent. This shift aligns with industry best practices and positions Visit Jackson for growth within the organization.

It is important to note that titles within the sales area now include Business Development. That department is responsible for amassing the demand for the destination, impacting hotel & restaurant ownership and its workforce.

All members of the Visit Jackson team are essential and valued. Visit Jackson is pleased to announce promotions and title adjustments that will continue to build the impact on the economic vitality of the Jackson, Mississippi community.

  • Yolanda Clay-Moore, MBE, Director of External Affairs, Partnerships & Alliances, formerly served as the Director of Communications. She now joins the Executive Team and will continue to serve as the official in-market spokesperson for Visit Jackson and will take on the work that garnered her title change, engaging more strategically with partnership and stakeholder initiatives, Destination Leadership Organization (DLO) programming and community activations.
  • Michael W. Hogg, Director of Information Technology & Business Intelligence, formerly served as the Director of Technology & Data Services. Hogg has positioned himself to be a valuable data and technology expert. Data-based decision-making is the DLO's philosophy for developing strategy and tactical planning. During the upcoming year, Michael will engage more with DLO and stakeholders in analytical examination and tactical development.
  • Reshonda Perryman, MFA, Director of Brands & Creative Engagement, formerly served as Creative Design Manager. Perryman is expanding her role in shepherding Visit Jackson's brand, branching into the community, including destination art project grants, destination master planning, placemaking, and wayfinding.
  • Jonathan Pettus, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, will now serve in a dual capacity, adding Vice President to his title. The support of the President & CEO's office is welcomed as Pettus will execute stakeholder initiatives and programming, enhancing his strategy development skill set and expanding his marketing prowess in this transformative destination leadership organization environment.
  • Sherri Ratliff, CMP, the Senior Business Development Manager's shift in title from Tourism & Convention Sales Manager, reflects her commitment to the DLO and her ability to share her vast experiences, embracing traditional market-segment sales and the group tour market.
  • Shana Smith, Business Development Specialist, will continue to create cohesion and coordination within the sales arena consistent with her former title, Sales Specialist, but will also be primarily responsible for training for the customer relationship management software, internally and outwardly, with partners. She will also take on external business development markets for the DLO. 
  • Laura Vogelsang, Chief of Staff, will continue to serve on the DLO's support team as she did as the Executive Support Specialist. However, her role is expanding from supporting the President & CEO to supporting the entire C-Suite. Those responsibilities will include advocacy, travel budgeting, and program activation support.
  • Paul Wolf, Director of Destination Storytelling, will serve the DLO as its external ambassador, interacting with international, national, and domestic media publications to expand the marketability of the capital city's reach to potential visitors. Additionally, as he did in his former role as Content Marketing Manager, he will continue to manage and create new and innovative content within the DLO's owned digital properties (website, podcast, and others).

Other team members will continue to serve in their impactful roles to ensure the DLO's goals and objectives are attained. That human capital includes:

  • Christine Blackmon, MPA: Chief Experience Officer
  • Jennifer R. Chance, CPA, MPA, CDME: Chief Operating Officer
  • Amy Dillard: Administrative Manager
  • Shun Hatten: Chief Sales Officer
  • Kim Lewis: Destination Development Manager
  • Floyd Williams, Jr. CMP: Director of Sports Activities & Administration

The following part-time staffers provide critical resources as front-line agents of the destination's excellent experience at destination meetings, conventions, and activations.

  • Eric Clayton, Registration Assistant
  • Al Pugh, Registration Assistant
  • Shirley Thomas, Registration Assistant
  • Doristeen Washington, Registration Assistant
  • Virgie Webb, Registration Assistant

About Visit Jackson

Visit Jackson is the official destination leadership organization for the city of Jackson. The organization serves Jackson by positively impacting the city's economy by recruiting and procuring meetings and tourism activities.