Visit Jackson Board Calls for Change of State Flag

June 25, 2020

A flag that unifies. That brings us together.

Symbolism means something. Our symbols say a lot about who we are, and what we believe.

As the summer begins, we are presented with another opportunity to stand up and support the important issues of our time.

The Board of Directors of Visit Jackson stand fiercely committed to upholding our city’s diversity and the welcoming spirit of Jackson.

We all remain dedicated to practicing radical inclusion. We understand a multitude of viewpoints, ideas and experiences is what makes Jackson a great destination and a great city.

Tourism is essential to Jackson’s economy. More than 7,000 of our citizens find jobs and careers in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Yet, as the destination marketing organization for the Capital City, we are continually forced to deal with the fallout of our current state flag.

As a symbol, it is detrimental to our industry, our city, and our state. It is an embarrassment to our people. And it is embarrassing.

Many travelers and groups refuse to even consider Jackson as a destination due to the negative connotations surrounding the current state flag.

Replacing the flag will expand economic growth, increase the possibilities for corporate and educational recruitment, and instill hope in our communities.

We cannot and should not ignore our past. But we should put the past behind us. Our current state flag was adopted based on an environment of hatred and discrimination. That’s not who we are. That flag in no way represents the people of Jackson.

It is for those reasons that we, as representatives of the tourism and hospitality industry, ask for the immediate replacement of the current Mississippi state flag with the newly named Hospitality flag.

It is beyond time for Mississippi to stand up and show its support for all of its citizens. United. Unwavering. Together.

–Visit Jackson Board of Directors

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