August 18, 2022

Victor Evans, Chris Stephens, Arlisa Thomas, David Nicholes (First Baptist) and Wayne Brent of SIBA
Victor Evans, Chris Stephens, Arlisa Thomas, David Nicholes (First Baptist) and Wayne Brent of SIBA

Arlisa Thomas, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player and founder of South International Basketball Association (SIBA), unveiled that the SIBA men's and women’s platform for aspiring basketball players is coming to Jackson.

SIBA will serve as an avenue for scouting and drafting for the National Basketball Association (NBA), WNBA, and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). As these entities look to expand, SIBA’s platform takes a holistic approach in preparing players prior to a commitment by offering development through performance enhancement and educational courses.

“As an owner who has worn the hat of many roles as a player, trainer, mentor, coach and team developer, SIBA's necessary formation took place,” said Thomas. “Seeing the gaps that needed to be filled in the players during my field experience played a huge role in SIBAs development. I’m excited to grant players the opportunity to receive exposure and other attributes needed to land professional contracts, endorsements and other forms of life-long achievements.”

SIBA’s fall season will begin in September with youth and adult participants at First Baptist Church in Jackson. Log on to to find out more about the schedule and further details.

"This game is global and we want to take [this league] globally and we want to start it here in Mississippi to give our kids an opportunity to participate," said Coach Victor Evans, an outreach coordinator for the City of Jackson and assistant coach at Forest Hill High School who is working with SIBA.

About South International Basketball Association (SIBA)
The South International Basketball Association is a platform for current and aspiring professional men and women basketball players who wish to go further in playing basketball on any professional level. It was founded for the purpose of creating opportunities for athletes globally, including aiding in player placement in different countries while learning how to positively impact society, promoting leadership will be one of our ways of producing the longevity of our platform, along with community involvement and developing our youth.