Doing Business in JXN is Good For Your Soul!

Located in Central Mississippi at the intersection of interstates 55 and 20, Jackson is a lively capital city with plenty of southern hospitality. The city provides more than 2,000 hotel rooms that include full service, limited service and boutique hotels. With mild winters and warm summers, the weather is always right for a multitude of activities. Jackson is home to several markers on the Mississippi Blues Trail, Writers Trail and Freedom Trail. Offering both indoor and outdoor activities, year-round, any time is a great time to discover the City With Soul.

The Blues was born in Mississippi and Jackson is the perfect place to hear it. On Historic Farish Street, listen to music at Johnny T’s Bistro & Bar then head down the street to F. Jones Corner for late-night entertainment. Every Monday, the Central Mississippi Blues Society hosts Blue Monday at Hal & Mal’s, a weekly event celebrating up-and-coming musicians and local legends.

Enlighten Your Soul

Museum of Mississippi History | Mississippi Civil Rights

Together, these two museums tell the story of over 200 years of Mississippi’s history from its beginning to its present day. Discover the events, the icons, and the places, as well as the struggles and triumphs that have created the rich tapestry of Jackson, Mississippi.

The Jackson Gospel Tour is one of many customized itineraries you can arrange by calling 800-354-7695.

Feel the Soul

There is always something fun to do in the City With Soul. Check out the Capri for dinner and a movie, a night of bowling at Highball Lanes, or just kick back in the Tiki Bar for a night of fun in Fondren. Don’t leave out Fertile Ground Beer Co. to get a taste of hometown brew found in Belhaven, just for you.

Immerse Your Soul

Mississippi is rich with authors, from the likes of William Faulkner and Eudora Welty to Richard Ford, Margaret Walker and Richard Wright. Mississippi is also home to the Writers Trail. In August of 2018 the first marker was revealed at the longtime home of Eudora Welty located in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson. The Eudora Welty House and Gardens is available for tours.


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