'Sisters in Arts' Reveal Mural

As National Women's History Month winds down this week, Greater Jackson Arts Council announces a new arts project of real feminine force and true lasting effect.

Sabrina Howard and Hope Mallard
Credit: GJAC

A colorful, arresting, and meaningful mural now graces the Arts Center of Mississippi's retaining wall facing Pascagoula Street.

The piece, called "Shifting Cultures," is the brainchild of sister artists Sabrina Howard and Hope Mallard, with an it-takes-a-village project assist from their older sister and family matriarch, Daphne Bates.

"Shifting Cultures" is a bold color tableau invoking the peaceful and organic change made through day-to-day interactions with different cultures.

In addition to the sisters' artistic solidarity in action, students from GJAC's Arts Infusion Program (sponsored by JPSD and including Clausell, Lake, Pecan Park, and Raines elementary schools) are also part of the creative team. They will be putting brush to brick and learning about the planning and execution of such a large scale art offering.

"It's a beautiful rendering, in both the way it enhances the public space and the intent behind it," GJAC Executive Director Silbrina Wright says. "There's no better example of the value of shifting cultures than what happens inside the Arts Center.

Credit: GJAC

Sabrina Howard is a high spirited critical thinker who transcends conventional modes of art to more contemporary textures. The Jackson (Mississippi) native and mother of four earned her BFA in Communication Design & Illustration from Atlanta College of Art. Her work as a graphic and fine artist is vibrant and expressionistic with subtle nods to social challenges and themes. Using acrylic as her preferred medium, she takes repurposed canvases and recycled wood and shapes these materials into abstract platforms. The result—bold and passionate multi-dimensional pieces that pay tribute to the cubist style but with a gritty urban twist.

Since pre-school, Jackson (Mississippi) native Hope Mallard has led with her passion for art and painting. Following her heart, she opened Prissy Paintbrush Studios to showcase her love and talent for face painting, teaching, children’s furniture design, murals and custom wall treatments, and body art (including intricate maternity belly art). She credits her three children as major influencers in her creative and colorful journey. In addition to her studio arts work, Hope launched Prissy’s Jean and a Top Boutique in 2021. Her affinity for fashion, style, and comfort lends authority to her simple wardrobe concepts for business and leisure.