Q & A: Muralist Jules Muck Adding Mural to Sal & Mookie's

Muralist Jules Muck began writing graffiti as a teen in Europe and England in the 90s. This week, the Venice, California-based artist has stopped in Jackson to paint a mural for Sal & Mookie's at The District at Eastover.

A female in sunglasses stands in front of a detailed mural.
Muck in front of her Jackson mural at The District at Eastover.

Muck had produced several large-scale murals in Wynwood for Miami's Art Basel. She travels and often paints in New York, New Orleans, Texas, and anywhere else she can. She recently followed The Grateful Dead, painting murals for the legendary band.

I caught up with her outside the restaurant on Monday.

How did you end up in Jackson?

"I connected to Sal & Mookie's Jeff Good through an artist employee at one of his restaurants. She knew somebody that I knew and, I mean, it's such like on the wings of angels that I get the work that I do. You know, it's just somebody knows somebody, and they are kind enough to say, 'Oh, I know a muralist that can help you.'

This is my first time coming this far up to Jackson. I usually stick to [I-10], and I go all through. I do Arizona, Texas… Louisiana.

This is a fun new zone for me, so I'm super excited. I hope I get to come back. I hope I get to meet enough people because this is how I work.

I always show up and do my best, and I'm nice and fast, and so, I've never had any complaints."

A detailed mural depicts the statue liberty with ice cream on her torch and the Mississippi State Capitol building.
Muck's mural on the south side of Sal & Mookie's at The District

How did you come up with a design you put here?

"Well, we talked about it, and Jeff gave me some of the things that were important to them. And then I did a rough kind of collage on the building, like with a digital composite. And then we all met up [representatives from The District and Sal & Mookie's]. We all got together and, this morning, this [design] happened, and we just hashed it out. I got right on it while it was all kind of still fresh because I really needed them to give me the vibe. It's been really exciting."

It looks like it just jumps off the wall.

"Yeah, yeah, there is a 3D element to it that I love doing, mixing it like with a little 3D, a little graphic and kind of like how Sal & Mookie's is like a little adult, a little kid. It's just fun for everybody."

We'll add this to Jackson's public art map!

"Well, that's great because I'll be here working [Tuesday]. Maybe people will come to see me. I'll be working on the [west] side. We're going to wrap it around the corner. We wanted to kind of take that full. And I won't spoil the surprise, but you're welcome to come to check it out!

How do you know when you are finished?

I feel like [the south side] is finished, but I always work with my clients. And if someone shows up tomorrow and says, 'Hey, can we add…?' You know that's totally cool. I always feel like my murals are more collaborative. I'm not just coming to this being like, 'This is my thing. I want it here.' It's like, 'What do you guys wanna paint if you guys could paint? What would you paint?' And then I'm able to kind of use my skills to put their ideas up. So it's fun. It's like, yeah, it's a total collaboration."

A detailed graphic wall mural
Completed on December 14, 2021. Image: Jeff Good
Paul Wolf


Paul Wolf

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