Pride In Jackson: LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces & Places

In celebration of Pride month, here are community member Jason McCarty's picks for LGBTQ+-friendly and safe spaces in Jackson.

Three people of varied gender and races raising a toast

Nightclubs & Bars

“I would recommend visiting all three of these bars! I’m so grateful that we have safe places for our community to be their most authentic self. Definitely go out and support!”

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

“I’m really proud of the restaurant partnerships that we’ve established over the years. We’re always blown away by and incredibly grateful for the contributions of our Jackson community.”

  • Hal & Mal’s - “Hal & Mal’s was our very first sponsor and where it all began. They were our first home for every Capital City Pride event we had during our first year! A huge thank you to Malcolm White and the team there!”
  • Walker’s Drive-In - “My pick for date night!”
  • The Manship - “My favorite spot for a lunch meeting!”
  • Urban Foxes - “We love the staff at Urban Foxes. This is where Capital City Pride holds all of our events to support LGBTQ+ in recovery.”
  • Cups Espresso Cafe
  • PJ’s Coffee - “I love their drive-through when I’m headed to 11 meetings a day.”

Other notable mentions:


Churches & Community Partners

Anne Marie Hanna


Anne Marie Hanna