JXN Comics Gives City a Soulful Superhero

Delta State graduate Blake Barnes launched Jackson Comics with local artists, celebrating the city through superheroic tales.

Jackson Comics comic book cover

What happens when a person’s dream becomes tangible, when it takes on a life of its own, and when it creates a superhero? Ask Blake Barnes, Editor of Jackson Comics.

In 2022, the City of Jackson Bicentennial, Barnes was awarded a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, and he hit the ground running. Barnes, a Delta State Graduate with a BFA in Media Arts, had long dreamt of creating a comic book series, and a space for Mississippi graphic artists to shine.

The first volume of the anthology series was created with the support of the grants and enthusiastic local sponsors. All artists in the Jackson Comics series are Mississippians (either originally from here or current residents), and with the 200-year anniversary of the City of Jackson as a theme, the first volume focused on the past: “Our collective history and how we got here,” Barnes says.

Enter Captain Jackson, the City of Jackson’s very own superhero: fighting crime, addressing injustice, and looking good in the Jackson flag while doing it.

After the success of Volume 1, and the outpouring of support, interest, and encouragement from fans of all ages, Barnes looked to the future. Volume 2, released in April of this year, also looks to the future. All of the artists in Volume 2 are students, high school to college age, and again all are Mississippians. “I wanted it to feature students because they are the future of our state,” notes Barnes.

And don’t worry, Volume 2 includes Captain Jackson. All future volumes will feature the city’s Superhero.

For more information about Jackson Comics, the Comic Artists, and upcoming events, follow on social media (@jxncomics or @JacksonComics). If you are interested in purchasing a comic book, you can do so at jacksoncomics.com

Erin McKewen


Erin McKewen