Where to Grocery Shop in JXN (Without Going To The Grocery Store)

Sometimes, your same grocery routine leaves you uninspired in the kitchen.

While we love our local grocers like Corner Market, Jackson also has several well-known and under-the-radar places to fill your basket and sample new flavors.

Vegetables at the MS Farmers Market
Credit: MS Farmer's Market

Mr. Chen’s Supermarket and Restaurant
A local favorite for authentic Chinese food, Mr. Chen’s also boasts an impressive Asian supermarket stocked with hard-to-find imported goods, noodles, teas, candies, exotic produce, chilled seafood, and cookware and serving ware – to name a few.

Aladdin Groceries at Aladdin Mediterranean Grill

Tucked behind Fondren’s favorite Greek restaurant is Aladdin’s Grocery, a go-to spot for Mediterranean pantry staples. Pick up Basmati rice, imported dates, and fresh Greek yogurt, as well as spices and cooking essentials for your next Grecian feast.

Beans & Bananas

Beans & Bananas is located in the heart of Belhaven Town Center and carries Mississippi-made and regional goods, as well as organic and sustainable brands you’d find in larger urban grocery stores. A neighborhood marketplace at its core, customers can shop spices, oils, dry goods, and cleaning and cooking items in its shelved aisles. Its refrigerated section houses handcrafted noodles from Pulito Osteria next door, along with cured meats, dairy, drinks, and fruits and vegetables. If you get hungry while shopping, try a sandwich or snack from the store’s deli counter.

Mississippi Farmer’s Market

Open 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, the Mississippi Farmer’s Market is a celebration of the state’s year-round growing season and local farmers, artisans, and crafters. With over 30 stalls dedicated to showcasing Mississippi wares, shoppers can stock up on the freshest meat and beef products, just-picked produce, dairy, eggs, honey, jams and jellies, coffee and tea, and more. Be sure to check out the market’s other stands with locally-made leather goods, woodworking, and gift items like soaps, jewelry, and candles.

Brenda’s Produce

Operating for over 60 years, Brenda’s is a spring and summertime treat for visitors. Located in the city’s old farmer’s market location on Woodrow Wilson Avenue, expect to see farm-grown vegetables, fruits, peanuts, and famous Smith County watermelons when they’re in season.

Pickled grocery items MS Ag Museum general store
Credit: MS Ag Museum

Adcox’s Produce
Located at Woodrow Wilson Avenue and West Street in the old farmer's market, Adcox’s prides itself on offering not only local and regional produce but also a variety of yard and houseplants to brighten your space. Stay up to date on their social media for limited-time offerings, like a strawberry cake made with ripe Louisiana strawberries.

Geraldine & Esma’s Kitchen

The sister to Crazy Cat Eat Up in Canton Mart Square, Geraldine & Esma’s – named after the restaurants’ partners’ grandmothers – is the perfect spot to pick up scratch-made casseroles, entrees, and desserts to add to your fridge and freezer.

Logan Farms

While Logan Farms may be recognized for its daily blue plate specials, the restaurant and deli counter also serves specialty hams and turkeys, grab-and-go items, and charcuterie-ready dips and chips to put some party back into your weekly meal prep routine.

MS Ag Museum General Store

In the heart of Small Town, Mississippi – the Ag Museum’s homage to 1920s rural America – the General Store offers a variety of local products, including honey, jams and jellies, and Mississippi cheese straws. The museum also stocks its own jarred goods, frozen casseroles, desserts, and produce using ingredients from its gardens and surrounding regional farms.

Anne Marie Hanna


Anne Marie Hanna