Fertile Ground Beer Co. Sprouting Big Flavors

Fertile Ground Beer Co., located in Belhaven Town Center in the historic Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, is quickly blossoming into a delicious place to drink and be merry!

Open since spring 2022, the brewery, housed inside a renovated laundry facility, is the centerpiece of a large mixed-use building that will soon house a restaurant, offices and mixed retail.

Fertile Ground
co-founder Conner Reeves is excited about the range of delicious craft beers now available. “We currently have 12 beers on tap, with new flavors introduced each week,” he says. The brewery has the “core four” – German-style Pilsner, light lager, a pale ale and a sessionable (lower alcohol content) IPA – available all the time. These so-called “big batches” are brewed in the large industrial equipment on-site and are Mississippi’s faithful reproductions of the high-quality, traditional recipes that have been delighting beer lovers for centuries.

“We also brew a ‘small batch’ every Sunday,” continues Reeves. “These can be seasonal brews or flavor experiments. One of those batches only lasts about a week, and it’s a way to make craft beer more approachable and accessible to new craft beer drinkers.”

Additional beers available on a rotating basis include several different IPAs (West Coast, hazy, imperial), a peach Berliner and a chocolate stout. There are also fruited sour selections and seasonal beers. To taste the many choices, try a beer flight in the taproom.

In addition to the many selections on tap, cans can be purchased on-site in the tap room (take home a six-pack of your favorite selections), and the brewmasters at Fertile Ground brew up enough for canned beer in local supermarkets.

Fertile Ground Beer Co Beer and tanks
Fertile Ground Beer Co. is the centerpiece of a large mixed-use building that will soon house a restaurant, offices and mixed retail.
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Fertile Ground craft beers are available on tap across the tri-county area. “We are in distribution in restaurants,” says Reeves. “Watch our social media to discover which ones!”

Patrons can enjoy the large open tap room’s family-friendly booths, high tables perfect for small groups or the picnic tables and cornhole games on the generous outdoor patio. A second room features large screen TVs ideal for sipping craft beer while watching SEC football. “We don’t serve food, but feel free to bring in your own,” says Reeves. “Bring your kids, bring the family. There are lots of great restaurants within walking distance, and we schedule food trucks on a regular basis.”

Belhaven Town Center is designated an open container area, so feel free to take your beer as you stroll, shop and eat.

The brewery is open seven days a week. Visit the website at fertilegroundbeer.com to purchase fun logo gear, including caps, shirts, bottle openers and membership in the Terra Firma Society (exclusive access to special events, discounts on beer and more).

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Michele D. Baker


Michele D. Baker

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