Milkshakes, Museums: Family Time in JXN

Family YouTube superstar and mother of four, Bonnie Hoellein, takes us through her adventure to Jackson, Mississippi with the family.

From cleaning up spills to picking Play-Doh out of the carpet and making meals for a family of picky eaters, managing a busy family on the road isn’t easy. Finding places to go on trips that can accommodate the needs of the whole family can be tricky – but not impossible!

With its many interactive museums, parks, kid-friendly restaurants and hospitable locals, Jackson is just the right place if your family is looking for a laid-back getaway that’s fun but still educational. In search of this kind of getaway, YouTuber Bonnie Hoellein, her husband Joel and her four children came to the City With Soul to experience Southern hospitality, fun and interactive museums and delicious eats for all ages.

Hoellein’s children – Olivia (9), Cody (8), Boston (5), and Lincoln (2) – were the main inspiration behind the itinerary for this fun, engaging and educational getaway for the family.

In one of her recent videos that chronicles the trip, Hoellein says, “I can’t get over the way people have treated the kids – they’ve been so good to the kids. It’s been fun and educational – and the kids were not bored at all.”

Want to plan your family’s trip to Jackson inspired by the Hoellein’s itinerary? Keep reading.

Day 1: Catfish, Oysters and A Two Headed Snake

Check in at the Hilton Jackson

The Hilton Jackson is a hotel that combines Southern hospitality with modern amenities and convenience for families looking to make the most out of their time in the city, while also enjoying the comfort of down-time at the property. The hotel’s spacious suites are designed for the whole family, like the Hoelleins’ family of six, and they include free wi-fi, flat screen TVs, cribs, high-chairs and more.

The hotel also features three award-winning restaurants, Wellington’s, Drago’s Seafood, and Fitzgerald’s, where the kid menus can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

To wind down on a hot summer day, the property also features a gorgeous courtyard pool and fire pit with poolside service.

Eat your way through the menu at Fine and Dandy

Classic American food finds an upscale twist at this well-loved, modern restaurant in Jackson’s Eastover district. The extensive lunch and dinner menus feature American classics like burgers, meat loaf, chicken spaghetti casserole, and “the worst ribs in town” (hint: they’re actually some of the best ribs in town). You can also find more unconventional pickings like banh mi meatballs, smoked trout caviar deviled eggs and more.

Hoellein and her family tried the catfish with butter beans and collard greens and were not disappointed. “I love catfish!” Lincoln proudly exclaimed (Fine & Dandy closed in February 2022).

Credit: Photo by family vlogger Bonnie Hoellein

Explore the MS Museum of Natural Science

With 300 acres of natural landscape that’s home to over 200 living species, a 1,700-square-foot greenhouse and numerous events like NatureFEST, Park After Dark, and more, The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is like a jungle oasis in the middle of a city. If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to check out the two-headed snake that lives in this museum.

From playing with possums, alligators, turtles and owls to learning about the local and national biodiversity, the kids had a blast alongside their parents, Bonnie and Joel.

“If anyone thinks museums are boring, you haven’t been to these museums. We are so excited to come back tomorrow – we were treated like gold,” Bonnie said.

As for her favorite part of the museum, Olivia said “the baby turtles were so cute!”

To see what events are going on while you’ll be in town, see the events calendar.

Try oysters for dinner at Drago’s

Drago’s specializes in authentic Cajun cuisine, including Gulf favorites like gumbo, grillades and grits and oysters. Drago’s invented charbroiled oysters, which it calls “the single best bite of food in town.” Bonnie’s favorite thing on the menu was the blackened red fish with crabmeat dressing and cream sauce. “I would fly back to Mississippi just to eat this masterpiece again – absolutely mind blowing!” she raved.

If oysters and gumbo aren’t your kids’ thing, the menu at Drago’s also includes a variety of items customized for kids, including fried catfish, chicken fingers, and Alfredo pasta.

Day 2: Eat, Explore and Play Your Way Through the City

Indulge in the breakfast buffet at Wellington’s

Southern cuisine meets family-friendly convenience at Wellington’s – an award-winning southern comfort restaurant located right inside the Hilton Jackson. Dining at Wellington’s saved the Hoellein family valuable time exploring the city, while also not missing out on the delicious southern eats in Jackson. Best of all, it’s a buffet, so everyone in the family got to pick out what they wanted.

The breakfast menu features a southern twist on breakfast classics, and Wellington’s also has an extensive lunch buffet of southern favorites like jambalaya, fried chicken, bayou pasta, andouille gumbo and more.

Youtuber Bonnie Hoellein at the MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum
Credit: Photo by Family Vlogger Bonnie Hoellein

Get in a time machine at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum

History comes to life at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, also known as the “Ag” Museum. This quirky museum offers unique insights into the past, present and future of agriculture in the state. The past comes to life in the “living-history farm,” a recreated 1920s cotton-economy-era town with local historical artifacts. Step into this museum and get transported in a time machine back to the beginning of the 20th century, when agriculture ran the country.

See what’s going on at the museum while you’re in town by checking out the events page.

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

The state of Mississippi has such a rich history of producing world-class athletes and teams that there’s even a museum dedicated to them. Wander through the Sports Hall of Fame to learn about the great American sports giants or play some of the interactive digital games like virtual baseball or soccer as you walk through the halls. This is a must-see visit for sports lovers while visiting the City With Soul.

Best of all, children under five are free, and adults are only $5.

Enjoy upscale southern dining at Char

Fine dining and feeding children may not seem to go hand in hand, but Char is the Jackson, Mississippi restaurant that proves it can be possible. Char is an upscale yet unpretentious dining option when in Jackson’s Highland Village – a premier shopping center with plenty of courtyard space to take advantage of Jackson’s beautiful weather.

Follow the Hoellein’s lead and indulge in the fried chicken with cornbread stuffing, cream spinach, crab cakes and fried green tomatoes – and share them all family-style.

Credit: Photo by Family Vlogger Bonnie Hoellein

Explore the Mississippi Children’s Museum

This nationally acclaimed children’s museum is found in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, at the center of the city. The museum spans 40,000 square feet, with five galleries of educational, interactive exhibits and enriching weekly events and programs focused on science, technology, culture, literacy and health and nutrition.

Its interactive exhibits are designed like a playground for learning – which makes the museum a fun and engaging place to stimulate kids’ creativity. Every year, the museum welcomes 225,000 visitors from over 80 countries and all 50 states.

The museum has consistently received recognition for excellence by the Association of Children’s Museums, TripAdvisor, Parent and Kids magazine and others.

When the Hoellein family came to visit, they loved how interactive the exhibits were, from the mock cooking demonstrations to the slide you could ride down the human digestive system. The museum has endless engaging and educational activities for all to enjoy.

The museum also has wheelchair accessibility and a nursing room, making it inclusive for all.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Take a look at the events calendar before planning your trip to see what kind of unique programs are taking place during your visit.

Credit: Photo by family vlogger Bonnie Hoellein

Eat at your kid’s dream restaurant: Sal and Mookie’s

Day 3: Milkshakes, Museums and Southern BBQ

Bonnie’s favorite fun fact about Jackson? The movie, “The Help” was filmed here. For a kid-approved photo spot that also has a drool-worthy menu for every time of the day, Brent’s Drugs is a must visit. As a former pharmacy that opened in 1946, Brent’s has a rich history that makes it one of Jackson’s most famous eateries.

“We met a few locals and they told us to come here – the food just doesn’t disappoint,” Bonnie raves.

Snap a picture, grab a milkshake and grab a board game to play with the kids with while you’re there – you can ask for the games before you order your meal.

As a family of six, the Hoelleins’ favorite touch at Brent’s was the board games.

Embark on a journey of discovery at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum/​ Museum of History

The Hoelleins’ had the pleasure of meeting one of the original freedom riders at the Civil Rights Museum, Hezekiah Watkins!

Jackson is synonymous with the Civil Rights Era — an integral part of American history that can’t be missed when visiting the state. To understand Jackson’s heritage, don’t miss a trip to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, no matter your age or understanding of American history. The colorful and interactive museum, which illustrates stories of slavery and segregation, aims to tell the history of the state’s involvement in this important era.

While this museum is a great place to educate kids about this critical period in American history, it’s often parents who end up learning the most. When the Hoellein’s visited, Joel was blown away by the extensive history and culture that was found through the interactive exhibits. “I love that we’re experiencing this with the kids right now,” he said.

The Hoelleins’ were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with Hezekiah Watkins, one of the freedom riders featured in the museum, who explained his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. “This is history coming to life in the truest sense,” said Joel.

Credit: Family Vlogger Bonnie Hoellein

Let your mind wander at the Mississippi Museum of Art

Jackson’s art museum is a great place to stop by after visiting the Civil Rights and Mississippi History Museum thanks to its proximity – less than a mile away. The museum’s knowledgeable…

Day 4: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Bask in the Mississippi Sunshine

Breakfast at Broad Street Bakery

When traveling with the kids, fresh and local food is a must — one of the many reasons to stop by Broad Street Bakery. Every item on their menu is always made by hand by one of their expert chefs or bakers, and the bakery also has speedy wi-fi and fresh coffee along with its fresh-baked goods.

Some of the local favorites include the buttermilk chicken biscuit, cheese grits and country sausage quiche – as well as a plethora of pasty items like their famous ‘crack pie’, a must try while in Jackson.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Nandy’s Candy

Nandy’s Candy bills itself as the “sweetest spot” in Jackson, Mississippi. Its claim to fame is creating handmade confectionery sweets like jumbo lollipops, gummies and, of course, a large variety of handcrafted chocolates.

“This is probably the kid’s favorite spot (in Jackson),” Bonnie said.

In addition to being one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city, Nandy’s Candy is just the right place to go if you want to satisfy your sugar cravings while exploring the city. While kids love it, parents with a sweet tooth are big fans as well.

“It’s the best chocolate I think I’ve ever had,” said Joel while sinking his teeth into one of the chocolates. “You’ve got to try it!”

Hula-hooping while drinking a Louisiana Root Beer? Lincoln is a man of many talents. He loved Pig and Pint!

Enjoy games, laughs and unmatched Southern BBQ at The Pig and Pint

With plenty of outdoor space, delicious food and a cozy outdoor patio, Pig and Pint is an award-winning barbeque joint located in the Fondren District. It’s the perfect place to bring a hungry family looking for a laid-back dinner spot.

Place your order, grab a craft beer (or Louisiana root beer for the kids) and enjoy the Mississippi sunshine. It’s the perfect setting to indulge in some smoky barbeque, or run around and play with hula hoops on the wide open lawn.

Whether it’s the BBQ chicken tacos with mango jicama slaw or pulled pork nachos, this is the spot if you are craving delicious barbeque at one of Jackson’s most treasured eateries.

In her video, Bonnie orders an array of tacos for the kids, but after taking a look at them, she proclaims “We got these for the kids, but now we’re going to share them!”

Cody’s review of Pig and Pint? “Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff,” he says.

Take the family to Aplos for Lunch

A light and healthy option in Highland Village, Aplos is a casual Mediterranean restaurant offering popular fare like chicken shawarma, falafel, leg of lamb and more – along with a kids menu that includes pizza and chicken tenders.

Bonnie and Joel opted for falafel, while the kids chose the pizza.

“I love Mediterranean food,” Bonnie exclaimed before taking a bite of falafel and looking over at Joel as if to say, “you are going to love this!”

Enjoy a sweet treat at Deep South Pops

With fresh coffee, a rotating menu of delicious hand-made popsicles, beer on tap and fun “Jackson-themed” pins and t-shirts, Deep South Pops is a favorite gathering spot for locals. It makes for a perfect stop to unwind while exploring the city. On a nice day, be sure to sit out on the patio and get a “popsicle float,” which is a popsicle inside your favorite soda or craft beer.

Joel’s popsicle of choice was the avocado-cream, a local favorite.

All in all, Bonnie had this to say about her family’s time in Jackson: “Watching my kids play in the warm, humid air and just being happy hearing all of the southern music and eating the southern food. This is fun. It’s so good. I don’t think I could ask for anything else!”

The Hoelleins’ used this itinerary for their family trip to Jackson, but you can view our food and culture itineraries, too, for more inspiration to plan your trip.

Editor’s Note: Deep South Pops closed in November 2019

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