An Enneagram Guide to JXN

The Enneagram has become a trending personality test over the past several years, breaking different dispositions into nine distinct “types.”

Know your number? We’ve rounded up the best spots to feel most yourself in Jackson.

Creative, type fours will ove the public art map and exploring the city's creative scene
Credit: Lindsay McMurtray (Mural by Birdcap and Ninjacat)

Type One

The Reformer

Rational, Idealistic, Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled

Ones are savvy and discerning, and what better way to gain new perspectives and wisdom than with a great book? Lemuria Book Store has been providing Jacksonians with the best in literature since 1975, and its First Editions Club is an opportune way to discover your new favorite author or snag the latest release from some of the book world's biggest names. The Book Rack in Canton Mart Square shelves gently used and new editions and Marshall's Music & Books downtown is third-generation run and considered to be the nation’s oldest operating Black-owned bookstore.

Type Two

The Helper

Caring, Interpersonal, Demonstrative, Generous, Warm-Hearted

Twos will fit right in in Historic Fondren, one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Jackson. Expect tasty fare and service with a smile at Brent's Drugs, The Bean, and Saltine. Highball Lanes is a go-to for bowling with friends and family, and The Station JXN and The Pig & Pint have outdoor seating for gathering the whole crew afterward. Check out welcoming shops like The End of All Music and Swell-O-Phonic for locally-made goods and records.

Type Three

The Achiever

Success-Oriented, Pragmatic, Adaptive, Excelling, Driven

Three's will appreciate Downtown Jackson, where government, commerce, food, and history create a growing and vibrant landscape to live, work, and play. Take guided tours at the Mississippi State Capitol and learn about history-makers at the refurbished Old Capitol Museum and Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center. Sugar's Place, Martin's Downtown, and The Iron Horse Grill are the perfect spots to meet friends for a traditional (and delicious) meal.

Type Four

The Individualist

Sensitive, Withdrawn, Expressive, Dramatic, Creative

Our creative friends are the ones who often need quiet, imaginative spots to daydream or spark their next big idea. Fours would benefit from a stroll around The Mississippi Museum of Art & Gardens, where they can take in world-class galleries, native flora, and outdoor art installations. The gallery at The Westin Jackson features artwork from some of Mississippi's most well-known artists, and the hotel's in-house restaurant, Estelle Southern Table, dishes out imaginative takes of Southern cuisine classics. If the weather is nice, stroll along Visit Jackson's Public Art Map and discover larger-than-life murals from visionary Jacksonians.

Type Five

The Investigator

Intense, Cerebral, Perceptive, Innovative, Curious

Investigators want to know everything about everything. The Two Mississippi Museums and The Lefleur Museum District are ideal for hearing stories and taking in information from nearly every subject in the state, from Mississippi's civil rights history to agriculture, wildlife, sports, and beyond. Hungry for knowledge and good eats? Grab your brainy friend for a surefire chance of winning Trivia Night at places like Hal & Mal's and Library Lounge.

Type Six

The Loyalist

Committed, Hard-Working, Engaging, Responsible, Trustworthy

There's a reason why locals are loyal to the classics – they stand the test of time. Since 1960, Highland Village has supplied Jackson with some of the best shopping and dining experiences in the city, with plenty of places for all ages to sip, savor, and enjoy. Eat at favorites like Beagle Bagel Cafe and BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar, or try new hotspots like Tuk Tuk Boom and La Cour Kitchen and Bar.

Type Seven

The Enthusiast

Busy, Fun-Loving, Spontaneous, Versatile, Optimistic

Big and bold are two words The Enthusiast lives by. Adventurers at heart, Sevens can experience the thrill of traveling the globe without leaving Jackson city limits at one of the city's numerous internationally inspired restaurants – standouts include James Beard Award-nominated Sambou's African Kitchen, Spice Avenue and Kyuramen x Tbaar. Drink some liquid courage, get on stage, and belt out your karaoke favorites at Fenian's Pub in Belhaven, and keep the party going into the early morning with live Mississippi blues at F. Jones Corner.

Type Eight

The Challenger

Powerful, Dominating, Self-Confident, Decisive, Resourceful

Always up for a challenge, Eights can benefit from reaching new fitness goals at one of Jackson's several trails and parks. Try the Belhaven Museum and Mountain Bike Trails for a walk, bike, or ride. LeFleur's Bluff State Park is great for multiple outdoor activities, including kayaking with Capital City Kayaks. If you want an indoor experience, check out Fondren Fitness for group classes ranging from cycling to strength training, yoga, and more.

Type Nine

The Peacemaker

Easygoing, Self-Effacing, Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable

Nines are flexible in their personality, checking in with others to make sure they're feeling safe and cared for. The Jackson version of a Peacemaker is Belhaven Town Center, which has become an epicenter of fun and community for everyone. With walkability between all the different shopping and dining destinations, be sure to check out Pulito Osteria and James Beard Award-nominated Elvie's, as well as Good Bar, MayDay, and Fertile Ground Beer Co.

Anne Marie Hanna


Anne Marie Hanna