Cool Drinks in JXN

If you're an iced coffee lover looking for a sweet treat or want to try a local brewery with craft beer, here are just a few places to help you deal with the heat.

bubble tea
A bubble tea served at Soulé
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Soule’ Coffee + Bubble Tea - 2943 Old Canton Road Suite E

If you're in the mood for something different, Soule' is your spot. With a menu that boasts bubble tea, lattes, smoothies and lemonade, there's sure to be something that strikes your fancy.

The most popular items on the menu include drinks with boba—either the classic brown sugar-flavored chewy tapioca pearls or the popping boba that delivers a flavor-packed burst. Design your drink with a tea, coffee or lemonade base, your choice of syrup flavoring and boba pearls. Don't worry; you can also customize the sweetness level of your drink!

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Fertile Ground Beer Beer Flight
Beer flights are available at Fertile Ground Beer. Co.
Credit: Rachel Bires

Fertile Ground Beer Co. - 800 Manship St Suite 101

For those craft beer enthusiasts, or anyone looking for an ice-cold pint in the summer heat, Fertile Ground makes a great spot to cool off. Recently opened, it's easy to see why this brewery is already a hot spot for locals.

The available canned or on-tap beers change frequently depending on availability. However, popular options include fruit sours, such as Municipal Pool, a blueberry sour perfect for summer sipping.

If you're not a beer fan (don't worry, the beer experts here can fix that), Fertile Ground also offers Cathead's canned sparkling beverages in cranberry, mandarin and grapefruit flavors.

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smoothie from Mama Nature's
Sip a smoothie from Mama Nature's
Credit: Mama Nature's

Mama Nature's Juice Bar - 2807 Old Canton Road, B

Calling all smoothie lovers, Mama Nature's is a cold-pressed juice bar serving deliciously fresh blended beverages with whole fruits and vegetables.

Smoothie options include the Pineapple Lover, made with extra pineapple and fresh apple juice; Anna Banana, made with bananas, strawberries and apple juice; Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate Protein, made with bananas, vegan protein powder, chia seeds and almond milk; and Mean Green, with kale, cucumber, celery, pineapple and coconut water. All excellent choices to combat the summer heat.

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a latte in a mason jar
Handcrafted lattes are available at Native Coffee
Credit: Native Coffee

Native Coffee - 1800 North State Street

Love coffee but can't fathom drinking it hot in the summer? Native Coffee has several cold coffee beverages to help you get your caffeine without breaking a sweat.

Native Coffee has several different latte and tea flavors to choose from, and, better yet, you can get any latte on the menu iced. Whether you're a classic latte lover or looking for a nitro cold brew, you're minutes away from having a cold drink in your hand.

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kids eating ice cream
Credit: Brent's Drugs

Brent's Drugs - 655 Duling Avenue

This classic soda fountain is a blast from the past with freshly made shakes and floats, a perfect treat for any scorching summer day.

The flavors and combinations available for milkshakes at Brent's Drugs are nearly endless. Satisfy a chocolate craving with the Nutella shake, or explore a new flavor combo with the Ginger Finger, made with Butterfinger candies, ginger syrup and vanilla ice cream. You can top off any shake with add-ins such as Oreos, Nutella, M&Ms, Twix, hot fudge, and so many more.

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a girl holds out a sno ball
Is it even summer if you don't get a snoball at Nandy's Candy?

Nandy's Candy - 1220 East Northside Drive #380

Known for their icy snoballs perfect for beating the summer heat, this vintage candy store is perfect for all ages. You're sure to find your dream flavor combination with syrup flavors that range from classic cherry to wedding cake.

Nandy's Candy serves up New Orleans-style snoballs, meaning the ice is finely shaved to make each bite light and fluffy, as opposed to a traditional snow cone that features coarse and crunchy ice pebbles. Although you can pick your own flavor(s), Nandy's menu features popular flavor combinations such as the Olaf, flavored with blue cotton candy and marshmallow syrups; shock top, with margarita and polar punch flavors; or even JSU Tiger, with blueberry and pina colada.

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