What is 601JXN Day?

601JXN Day is the collective celebration of our capital city, your city, MY CITY, JXN, MS. North. South. East and West.

How do we celebrate 601JXN Day?

By combining a day of new events with existing events, promoting specials, and connecting the people that live, work, and play in the City With Soul. All MY CITY site activations will include swag, giveaways and 601JXN Day branded merch for sale.

Examples of how some JXN restaurants and attractions may participate:

  • $6.01 off a $30+ tab
  • $6.01 Happy Hour Specials
  • $6.01 admission to various local attractions

Additional ways to participate:

  • Encourage charitable donations of $6.01 or $60.10
  • Gather volunteers for community clean-up or beautification projects
  • Sponsor public art installations or music performances
  • Join the #601JXNDay social media campaign by sharing your favorite local places and things to do

If you are hosting a public event in Jackson during 601JXN DAY and would like to utilize the 601 logo, please do so, and don’t forget to tag your social media post with #601JXNDay.

How do I add an event or promotion?

You can add your event or promotion below. Your listing must abide by the requirements on the event submission form. Visit Jackson reserves the right to accept or reject a submitted event for any reason.

Keep checking back for the growing list of events.

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