Sambou African Kitchen

1625 E. County Line Rd, 150
Jackson, Mississippi 39211

Sambou’s African Kitchen was founded by Joseph Sambou as a full-service restaurant that offers a unique African cuisine to the people of Mississippi. Joe was inspired to open Sambou’s African Kitchen after discovering how woefully underrepresented African dishes are in the region.

Our food is mostly West African, and the flavors tend to be bold and fresh. We use beans, fresh seafood, dried fish, and meats that all blend layers of flavorful taste when combined with garden-fresh ingredients in our sauces and stews.

Our meals are well balanced and often include greens, grains, beans, and vegetables to complement the meat and fish. When it comes to greens, from sweet potato to greens to black-eyed peas, to cassava, nothing is squandered.

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  • African



  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Black-owned