LD's Beer Run

Craft Beer Specialty Store + Microbrewery

5006 Parkway Drive
Jackson, Mississippi 39211

Need a growler to-go or an expert suggestion for a new beer?

LD’s is far more than just a beer retail store. They are craft beer geeks who love to talk beer, everything from brewing beer to sharing their vast knowledge of old world beers up to and including the latest modern styles. They say, “We sell beer. Lots of beer. Craft brews, macro beers, craft ciders, growlers, kegs, even craft sodas. We ARE beer.”

(Beer lovers and beer novices alike may enjoy learning the lingo of beer, from TIME magazine)

Epic bottle shares and everyday conversations with industry leaders keep them up to date with the ever changing landscape of craft beer from sours, to stouts, to IPAs (and double IPAs), to ales and lagers.

LD’s has a little bit of everything, and some is even made in-house through their Bicentennial brewing operation. These guys are not afraid to stock unusual beers like Shiner’s trail mix-inspired brown ale, Voodoo Ranger’s Fruit Force (a fruit punch IPA), Wicked Weed Brewing's Milk and Cookies Imperial Stout, ACE Imperial Berry Hard Cider, Trimtab Brewing Co.'s Peanut Butter Cup Stout (with peanut butter and chocolate), or Urban Artifact Xmas Pickle.

(How to talk about beer like a pro, courtesy of The Beer Store)

If you're ready to take a leap and be inspired, come hang out and taste the brews!

Open seven days a week, and always available to answer your questions and recommend awesome beers. Check out their Facebook page for weekly specials including “New Beer Friday” and see their menu here on Untappd.



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