Quick Bites: T’Keyah Williams & Mama Nature’s

For T’Keyah Williams, owner of Mama Nature’s Juice Bar, what originally started as a fascination with the power of wholesome foods morphed into one of Jackson’s favorite healthy destinations for quick eats, pressed juices, and smoothies.

We recently sat down with her to discover her inspirations, favorite success stories, and what her go-to superfoods are.

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What inspired you to start Mama Nature's?

My journey towards veganism began with personal health challenges— my chronic fatigue and my daughter's asthma. Inspired by my mom's transformation, a truck driver turned vegan advocate, I decided to change my eating habits. Going vegan not only improved my well-being but also healed my daughter's asthma, which blew my mind. It prompted me to share the power of dietary choices with others. Starting small, I sold vegan products at farmers' markets and eventually opened our storefronts.

Are there any stigmas around health and wellness that you're trying to disrupt?

Growing up, I wasn't aware of accessible, healthy food options. I thought they were only for dieters or the seriously ill. Our mission in Mississippi is to change that perception. We're not pushing veganism; we're promoting a balanced lifestyle where healthy choices fit naturally into your daily routine. You can enjoy a cheeseburger for lunch and have green juice in the evening.

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Credit: Andrew Welch/Tell Agency

How do you ensure that Mama Nature's produce aligns with your sustainable, holistic approach?

We make every effort to use local, whether it's fruits and veggies or our honey products, either directly from farmers or through regional distributors like Robertson. This approach allows us to trace the origins of our produce and determine if it's organic, pesticide-treated, and how it should be cleaned or stored. We also run specials utilizing peak-season produce, like Smith County watermelons in the summertime.

What's one of the most surprising health transformations you've seen in a customer?

My favorite success story is about a man who suffered from skin lesions for 14 years with no relief from expensive medications and creams. A friend suggested he try our wheatgrass shots, and he took them daily for two weeks. Despite minimal dietary changes, within one week, his lesions began to heal, and within two weeks, they completely disappeared. This incredible transformation happened because the wheatgrass alkalized his imbalanced gut, stopping his body from attacking itself. It's a powerful testament to the body's natural healing abilities when given the right support. Of course, we always recommend consulting with a doctor for personalized advice.

What is one of your favorite superfoods?

I have two! Kale and maca powder. Kale, despite its toughness, is incredibly nutritious and rich in chlorophyll, which has been a key part of my journey towards better health. I've learned to prepare it in different ways, and my kids love it now, too. Maca powder, on the other hand, is a great energy booster and fantastic for hormone balancing in both men and women.

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