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When it comes to finding vegetarian, vegan or plant-based meals, it can be a challenge, especially in the South.

Whether your dining lines up with these practices or you’re just giving “meatless Mondays” a go, here are five more dining options for JXN restaurants that are sure to please your palate (check out our original "Vegan in Jxn" lineup here).

A burger with tomatoes, feta cheese and a pepper on top
Aplos veggie burger

Aplos – 4500 I55 North at Highland Village, Suite 174

Aplos offers delicious and modern Mediterranean fare.

Vegetarians and vegans alike can opt for appetizers like hummus, falafel, the chopped salad, stuffed grapes or even Lebanese cheese rolls. Vegans can modify menu items to adhere to a plant-based diet, such as asking to omit any cheese products included with a dish.

Aplos boasts their veggie burger – a black bean patty topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, feta and feta dressing. Another great option is the rice bowl, which includes brown rice, tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives, bell pepper and feta.

Vegan and vegetarian sides include vegetables, cauliflower with parsley and lemon pepper, mini Greek salads and brown rice with traditional Greek spices and tahini sauce.

Aplos is open for dine-in customers as well as online ordering. Find them on Facebook.

The Soul Wired Cafe vegan “cooldawg”

Soul Wired Cafe – 4147 Northview Plaza Drive

Soul Wired Cafe recognizes the importance of quality, whole foods and has built a menu around healthy vegan ingredients that are delicious and free from unpronounceable preservatives.

This cafe offers its flavorful menu options at their vegan pop-up on weekends from Noon to 6 pm. The menu varies depending on the weekend, but you can usually find fare like vegan barbecue, Philly cheesesteaks, vegan “notchozz,” cooldawgs (vegan hotdogs), banana pudding and many other soul food favorites turned vegan.

To view the menu offerings each weekend and find where they set up shop, visit their Facebook page.

A sandwich that looks like a burger, complete with lettuce and tomato, on a bun
Poke Stop’s vegan fried tofu bowl

Oops All Vegan - 4409 North State Street

Oops All Vegan was founded by LaMarcus Robinson as Mississippi’s very first vegan food truck. With their first brick-and-mortar location now in North Fondren, Oops All Vegan strives to to provide nutritious, savory, fresh vegan food options with clean ingredients.

Their version of burgers, terriyaki bowls, burritos and wings just may make you give up meat altogether!

Find them on Facebook.

A bowl loaded with fruit and granola
The acai bowl at Mama Nature’s

Mama Nature’s – 2807 Old Canton Road

The local need for more health-focused restaurants and her vegan lifestyle led Jackson native T’Keyah Williams to create Mama Nature’s. Another Jackson native, Michael McElroy, later joined her, and together, they’re on a mission to improve Jacksonians’ health and wellness.

You can find acai bowls, flavorful salads, handheld wraps, overnight oats, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies and health shots and detoxes on the menu.

If you’re looking to sip on a refreshing beverage, try the carrot top juice or green goddess juice. Are you looking for a satisfying, indulgent yet healthy smoothie? The cinnamon bun smoothie—made with oats, banana, cinnamon, almonds and almond milk—is the perfect guilt-free way to treat yourself. If you’re in the mood for a full meal, the Southwest salad is ideal for satiating any appetite. Made with romaine, quinoa, tomato, avocado, roasted red peppers, black beans, corn, tortilla strips, cilantro and Southwest dressing, this fresh salad is just what you need to keep you going.

Mama Nature’s is located next to Fondren Fitness and is open for takeout, online orders and delivery through Waitr.

Shiro vegetarian plate

Shiro Cafe and Restaurant – 125 South Congress Street

In early 2019, Jackson resident Sam Tilahun partnered with Yosef Ali, Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant owner, to open Shiro Cafe and Restaurant.

Shiro is open for breakfast and lunch, with many dishes categorized as vegan and vegetarian.

For breakfast, enjoy a sweet or savory crepe, or ful medames, a Middle Eastern and African Dish made with yogurt, eggs and fava beans.

For lunch, Shiro offers a make-your-own plate for just $10. First, choose a base of rice, tortillas, or teff bread, a protein (such as tofu) and two sides. Vegan and vegetarian sides on the menu consist of beetroot or cabbage potatoes, spicy lentils, kale or collard greens, turmeric chickpeas or turmeric peas.

Check out their Facebook for more information and other tasty Ethiopian dishes.

Click for more vegan and vegetarian options to try.

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Paige McKay White

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