Restaurant Spotlight

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a longtime, long-missed, and long awaited Jackson favorite came back last year – and the Iron Horse Grill is here to stay.  In 1906, the downtown spot was home to Armour Smokehouse, where fresh meat was processed and transported on the Meridian and Vicksburg railroads by Armour’s own fleet of refrigerated boxcars. Armour Smokehouse lent the city the scent of flavorful smoke until 1970. In 1986, those doors were reopened; the Iron Horse Grill became a beloved Jackson restaurant. In 1998, a fire destroyed the place where good times and great food reigned.
Now, the new building is a glimpse of the future as well as a tribute to the past. With rustic yet refined interiors and an admirable lineup of bands and musical acts, the Iron Horse’s encore is one worth sticking around for. 

Food : Chef Pierre Pryer worked at the Iron Horse Grill from 1987 until 1998 where the development of the beloved menu was a labor of love. Now, he’s back in an effort to preserve the memories of the Iron Horse Grill as well as helping to establish it as a Jackson institution once again. Thanks to Chef Pierre, “Tex-Mex the Mississippi way” is what you’ll find here, including, of course, the famous Iron Horse chips. Try old faithful like the Chimichanga or the Habanero Pasta, or try new favorites like the Stuffed Catfish or Ancho Rubbed Beef Tenderloin. They’ve hit their stride; lots of great food, and for real, don’t skip the chips.

Atmosphere: It’s obvious that a lot of thought, effort and money were poured into making sure the atmosphere of the Iron Horse was top notch.  It’s casual and laid-back, but feels classy and polished enough to feel like a sophisticated downtown destination.
Service: Service was superb, with servers who were eager to make my party a table full of re-born fans of the Iron Horse Grill.


Show your EatJXN Card at the Iron Horse Grill and score a free order of Pico de Gallo… and oh, those Iron Horse chips!